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  • How do I access my district email from my home computer?

This question is easily answered.

  • The minimum requirements are that you have a computer at home with a modem and that you are signed up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) - e.g., NetZero, Earthlink, AT&T, AOL, etc.

  • Once the above is taken care of, connect to your ISP, and on the Address/Location bar of your browser, type in the following address:  http://owamail.sps.k12.mo.us/

  • This address takes you to the login page where you enter your username.


This is a Web-based version (OWAMail) of the email program.  If you use Outlook, rather than OWAMail, to access your email at work, then this will not look or work exactly like you are used to.  Please see http://sps.k12.mo.us/tech/outlookwebhelp.htm for more help with OWAMail features.