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R-12 Library Services Welcomes
New Librarians

The Library Office would like to welcome new librarians to Library Services.

Sheri Beersman. Sheri is the
new librarian at Jeffries. She is married with three grown children--one is a freshman at Northwest Missouri State.  Sheri also has two grandchildren--an 8 month old boy and a nearly two year-old girl.  This is her 14th year of teaching and her 7th year as a library media specialist.  She worked previously at Conway in both high school and elementary libraries, Pleasnat Hope   She also worked at Pleasant Hope, and Everton both as a teacher and a librarian   She is delighted to be a part of the Jeffries team and Springfield Schools!

Elizabeth Osbern. Elizabeth has been teaching in the Springfield Public Schools District for the last seven years in a variety of capacities.  She began as a 6th grade Reading teacher at Hickory Hills Middle School and later moved to teaching 6th grade English Language Arts.  However, for the last three years Elizabeth has taught 8th grade English Language Arts at Hickory Hills Middle School.  She has always been an avid reader and is excited by this opportunity to encourage young children in their reading endeavours.

Josh Rowlett. After teaching both middle school and high school English, this is Joshua's first year as a librarian.  He decided to make the change because the library offers the opportunity to work with both students and teachers.  While the library keeps him busy, he also has a young family to keep him entertained and otherwise occupied: his wife Kallie and his two daughters Norah and Reagan.

2012-13 Winners of Reading Roundup Grants
   Congratulations to our winners of the Reading Roundup grants for 2012-13.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2012-13 Reading Roundup grants. The grants which range from $200.00 to $2,700.00, were researched, written, and applied for in addtion to the librarians regular duties. The benefits derived from these grants will certainly go a long way in promoting literacy and encouraging students to increase their own literacy skills and learning in general. Here (in alphabetical order by school) are the winners:

And The Winner Is  ‑ Bowerman ‑ 
Laura Carpenter
Investigation Stations for Inquiry ‑ 
Boyd ‑ Sheryl Davis
Batman Saves Reading ‑ Campbell ‑ 
Cindy Scruggs
Reading is a Right ‑ Carver ‑ 
Melody Netzer
Graphic Novel for Tweens ‑ Cherokee ‑ 
Nicole Bueno
Audible Audio for All Adolescents ‑ 
Cherokee ‑ Nicole Bueno
Novel Approach to New Customers ‑ 
Cowden ‑ Nancy McLaughlin
It's a Small World After All ‑ Field ‑ 
Sheryl Davis
The Science Story ‑ Glendale ‑ 
Shellie Foltz
Brown Bag Book Bash ‑ Glendale ‑ 
Shellie Foltz
A Series of Successful Events - Gray - Wendy Burns
Life of a Hero - Wislon's Creek - Amy Price
Picture Books Galore ‑ Hillcrest ‑ 
Linda Fredrick-Christa Lairmore
Novel Approach to New Customers ‑ Holland ‑ 
Nancy McLaughlin
Read up: Get Out! ‑ Jarrett ‑ 
Karen Martin
21st Century Chat N Chew Book ‑ 
McBride ‑ Jill Pearl
Play the Day Away ‑ Parkview ‑ 
Beverly Farrand
I love Book Club ‑ Parkview ‑ 
Gail Eubanks
E-Books/E-Lectrifying Young Adults ‑ 
Parkview ‑ Gail Eubanks
Careers for the 21st Century ‑ 
Pipkin ‑ Christina Wilkins
Foreign Language in the Library ‑ 
Pipkin ‑ Christina Wilkins
Looking at the Thirteen Colonies  ‑ Pleasant View MS ‑ Julie Mahaffey
History Through Graphic Novels ‑  Reed ‑ 
Tammy West
Community Commitment to Reading ‑ 
Rountree ‑ Laura Burdette
Find Your Path ‑ Sequiota ‑ 
Tanya Perretta
Lights, Camera, Action! ‑ Study ‑ 
Teresa Young
Two Math Teachers + 1 Librarian ‑ Study ‑ 
| Teresa Young
Picture This ‑ Wilder ‑ 
Jennifer Campbell
Mark Twain Mania ‑ Wilson's Creek ‑ 
Amy Price

The grand total amount awarded for all of these grants through the Reading Roundup Program is over $13,000.00. The Springfield R-12 District, the Library Department, and the students would like to thank the Reading Roundup program for all they do.


One For All

From Rachelle Peak:
Great resource for listening to authors on their works:
Scholastic downloaded webcasts

From Dan O:
A Live Binder of suggested online tool sites.

SPS-DLS Instructor Web Tools

From Sheryl Davis:
Teachers Make a Wish. Supporters Grant A Wish.
Solve Technology Shortfalls in Your Favorite Classroom. For educators good deals on technology.ex: flip cameras -buy one get one free.

Read a book. Give a Book.
By reading a book online you can give a book to help an organization of your choice.

From Nancy Mclaughlin (and Tanya Peretta) :
Resources for School Librarians  is a comprehensive site of resources with a special note to 21st Century skills. Try these links:
Resources for School Librarians

Thinkfinity-21st Century Skills

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